A Young Man’s Abusive and Excessive Drinking Results In a DUI and Time In The County Jail

A Young Man’s Abusive and Excessive Drinking Results In a DUI and Time In The County Jail

Jesse had an unusually hard time maintaining a job. Indeed, because of his lassitude and lack of motivation, he was unemployed far more regularly than he was employed with a job. And when he did land a job, he had a very hard time getting to work on time, he typically got less than great performance assessments, and he called off sick so consistently that he almost always got fired four or five weeks after he started working. It goes without saying that one of the consequences of Jesse’s disgraceful employment track record was the fact that he was almost totally broke almost on a daily basis.

In spite of Jesse’s appalling work history and financial negligence, nevertheless, one way or another he made it his business to drink in a hazardous and abusive manner on a daily basis.

So it came as no big shock when Jesse got a fifth DWI. When he went to court, the judge told Jesse that his alcohol-related conduct was disgraceful and, consequently, he was going to sentence Jesse to spend ten months in the local jail.

Time In The Municipal Jail To Reflect On The Demoralizing Outcomes of Hazardous Drinking

During his time in the county jail, Jesse was required to learn more about alcohol facts, about the destructive effects of hazardous and abusive drinking, and he was expected to get alcohol treatment. The magistrate underscored the fact that unless Jesse receives professional alcohol therapy and discovers how to live a life of abstinence, he will quite possibly be spending quite a bit of his time in the city jail.

Jesse articulated that he comprehended what the magistrate was proclaiming but he still proclaimed that placement in the city jail was not the right decision. The judge saw things in an entirely different way and said that it was his professional responsibility to keep alcohol dependent individuals off the streets who drive and drink and who get arrested for a DWI. To validate this statement, the magistrate listed some honored, extensively researched alcohol statistics that underscored some of the damaging outcomes that are linked to excessive drinking.

Although Jesse comprehended that he drank in a hazardous and irresponsible manner, he never believed that he was an alcohol dependent individual. So it was a real shocker when Jesse started suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms just about three hours after getting locked up in jail.

To monitor his alcohol withdrawal symptoms in a harm free manner, Jesse was taken to a drug and alcohol treatment facility for alcohol detoxification and then brought back to the county jail. While locked up in the municipal jail Jesse got alcohol rehab but because he got this rehab as something that was forced upon him, he neglected to take ownership of his abusive and excessive drinking.

When his time in the local jail was completed, the magistrate without hesitation told Jesse that he would be under careful observation and would be required to take periodic blood alcohol tests.

Jessie’s Excessive and Hazardous Drinking Prevents Him From Living in a Mature Manner

After hearing how Jesse did not take ownership of his drinking situation and how he unwillingly followed the treatment modus operandi while in the county jail, the magistrate knew that it was essentially a matter of time before he would be seeing Jesse once again in court about his irresponsible and abusive drinking behavior. As the magistrate reflected on Jesse’s circumstance, he couldn’t help but think about how some people never “connect the dots” and discover how to live in an effective and responsible manner.

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