Choosing The Best Clinic For Your Hair Transplantation

Choosing The Best Clinic For Your Hair Transplantation

When looking for the best clinic for a hair transplant, people will pass through three phases before ultimately finding the best hair transplant clinic. The 1st phase is what is known as the, “I am able to do it myself” phase. The second phase is what is often known as the, “I’ll find it online” phase. The 3rd and final phase is the, “let me call a professional” phase.

The 1st phase is when you first come to grips with the indisputable fact that you are loosing your hair. You made the choice to take action and do something about it. You hit your corner store and begin to walk the hair care isle looking for a miracle. At first impression it appears as if this is a no brainer. There are many products all making a claim to be able to help you.

After a couple of months of trying each over the counter product known to man you understand that nothing seems to be working. You start looking online for a solution just to finish up further confusing yourself. You turn to the Internet for the answers, and you find way to many answers to deal with. Everyone seems to be making a claim to be an expert, everyone seems to be claiming to have the correct answer. You are way more lost now than you were at first.

You decide to find a local professional. You go to your favorite search engine and begin hunting for hair transplant clinics. You are now faced with a new set of problems. You are astounded by all the hair transplant clinics that came up in the search results. To make things even worse each one of them is claiming to be the very best.

You are in an extremely emotional state, and you are sick and tired of living with thinning hair. Now isn't the time to make a decision based mostly on emotion. While doing your research make sure to stick to the facts. Here are a few golden rules:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • It is almost always preferred to get a specialist. There are several clinics who do multiple things e.g. Cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal etc. Clinics like this may handle hair transplants a couple of times a month if that. This isn't good for you.
  • NEVER book a consultation where they'd like to charge you.
  • When you do go to a consultation have them show you some of their before and after photos. You will be wanting to see others in situations close to yours.

It is just natural to go through the phases mentioned in this article. If you're in the third phase or close to it I’d like to say congratulations. A hair transplant is the only permanent solution to growing back a natural head of hair. No matter what you read or what gossip you may hear, hair transplantation is the best option available for hair loss on the market.

I would recommend visiting the Virginia Surgical Center website for any info you are seeking concerning hair transplantation. They are the number one authority in the United States and boast an impressive 99.9% success rate.

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