Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio No Pain Treatment

Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio  No Pain Treatment

IT has touched every bit of our life and made the biggest contribution in the field of medical science. We can say that IT is solely responsible for the growth and change in medical field.Patient care, faster diagnosis and accuracy of treatment has been made possible due to the interfacing of technology with medicine.

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Dentistry is one such field which has been immensely benefitted thanks to technology. In fact the methodology of operations process has now been interfaced with optical tracking as well as intra operative systems and use of 3D imaging systems as well as other systems.  Gone are the days when crude metal implants were used as replacement to the teeth.

The metal implant consisted of titanium alloy which was screwed into the jaw bone. Earlier on you had to sit with the Dentist several times for him to capture the profile of your tooth on to a wax model and then to develop a metal implant as per the impression on the wax model. One had to rely on the skill of the Dentist to screw the metal implant in place and fit perfectly.

Today such manual operations have been replaced with computer assisted profiling as well as for conducting the implant placement operation. The operating system pre programs the operations and guides the surgical instruments using highly advanced navigational systems..Before beginning the surgery the Dentist plans and charts out a pre surgical plan that acts as the guide for the navigation system to work and follow.

The Dentist does most of the planning involved in the surgery well in advance from the CT data. During the surgery the Dentist is able to view and work through the navigational system which gives him a three dimensional view of the interiors of the mouth as well as the surgical instruments and the trajectory pathway thus enabling him to control the operations.

The operating system is robust and makes it easier for the Dental Surgeon to perform minimal invasive surgery without damaging the tissues around the target.The system also enables the entire operation to be tracked and logged so that the Dentist is able to retrieve the data and review it as and when required.

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We can see that the Dental science has undergone a major revolution. We should expect all of the manual procedures and surgeries to get automated making it easier for the Dentist as well as for the patient besides being minimally invasive. This technology is perhaps the precursor to further progression and introduction of robotics in Dentistry. Today you will see that the OT of all the major hospitals use robots to help with the surgeries and the same can be expected in the Dental hospitals and clinics in the near future too. Robotics in dental surgeries will help the Dentist to attempt all sorts of complicated surgeries and perform them easily.

We as common people do not give much attention to dental health and hygiene. It is only when we have dental problems and start feeling the pain that we realise the importance of good dental care. Dental problems can be very painful and difficult to bear for they are very sensitive organs. We all tend to remember the Dentist and associate him only with dental pain. However in future your visit to the Dentist will not be so painful. Gone are the days when the Dentist would drill into your teeth making you see stars during day time. Dental treatment is now a pleasant and pain free experience that makes you feel good.

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