Dentist Fort Worth Should A Root Canal Be Performed In Pregnancy

Dentist Fort Worth  Should A Root Canal Be Performed In Pregnancy

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When you choose to have a root canal surgery, it saves your teeth from falling apart as well as saving you a lot of pain. Should pregnant women go through this surgery? There are a lot questions asked concerning side effects related to drugs used as this procedures are performed. Most people believe that pregnancy causes a lot of damage to the teeth. As Dental Health Organization says, pregnancy will not cause tooth loss or calcium deficiency.

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To have an idea of the tooth structure a series of x-rays may be required so as to make the right assessment. This assists the dentist in working on the infection alone without touching any other part. Do not over look the consultation process because it is important. The x-ray is done to the mouth and not the abdomen. Therefore there is no cause for worry. A vest should be offered by the dentist while performing the x-ray to keep you and your fetus from radiation. High percentage of x-ray should be shielded enough by a single lead vest. During root canal on pregnant women, the anesthesia administered is controlled and the x-ray is suitable as it is only done in the mouth and not the abdomen.So there is no restriction for pregnant women and they can have the root canal done, but prior to the treatment, the dentist should be kept aware about the fact that the patient is pregnant.

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One of the chemicals used during root canal is the local anesthesia and this worries a lot of pregnant women. The fear of the anesthesia affecting the growth of the unborn baby should be erased in your mind because this can be controlled by the dentist. A low quantity of sodium hydrochloride fluid is what is used and this should never harm your baby. In case you swallow the solution that contains sodium hydrochloride, it is 95% water and in no way harmful to the fetus.

When a filling is done to a tooth, that material has chemical too.Some have a strange smell when applied. They also do have really bad tastes. All the same they cannot harm your baby as they are just resins which can cure with laser treatment.

There is some bit of stress that comes with dental surgery which could have some effect on the baby. If you can be able to hold on until you deliver, that is in order. There is nothing wrong with having dental routine check ups and treatment during pregnancy. If you are in a position to hold on till after birth, it will still be alright.

Consult your dentist about how long you can wait for a root canal surgery. Pregnancy and root canal should be a success during pregnancy but only under the right conditions. Although if you choose to wait, just know root canal surgery during pregnancy has very few risks to it.

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