Dentists Duluth GA Grandma’s Remedies To A Painful Toothache

Dentists Duluth GA Grandma’s Remedies To A Painful Toothache

Each one of us has experienced a toothache at a point in life and we treat it as a common thing anyway. A toothache can be caused by various factors and should not be anything to worry so much about. Although the discomfort that comes with it is unimaginable.Generally, toothache is caused when tooth decay invades or is about to infect the pulp chamber, which contains nerve endings and tiny blood vessels.

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OK, now let’s take a look at more helpful guidelines.

The best home remedy is to take good care of your teeth!So, always rinse your mouth regularly, especially after meals; brush and floss to remove morsels sticking between the teeth and generally follow good oral hygiene.

Simply hold an ice cube between your forefinger and the thumb and rub it gently and the relief is magical.It acts by overwhelming the pain impulses that usually travel along the nerve pathways. It has over 60% success rate. Ice placed directly on a throbbing tooth also helps ease the pain.

A clove of garlic placed on the infected tooth is advisable as the relief it offers is great. Find a standard piece of onion in your kitchen and place it on the aching tooth. The antibacterial properties it has will work wonders for you. If you have lime, use it. It has vitamin C and relieves pain as well. Juice made from wheat grass is another home remedy for toothache as it also flashes toxins from the gums and controls bacteria growth.

Think of Asafoetida. This bitter, foul-smelling resinous material obtained from the roots of several plants of the parsley family, helps in instant toothache relief.Another good effective toothache natural cure is applying a paste made from bay berry bark mixed with vinegar which helps relieve the toothache. Look for clove oil and pour it directly to the infected tooth and the discomfort caused by the toothache is no more.

Why not use a pinch of pepper powder mixed with common salt which is an excellent cure. It’s especially effective against the increased sensitiveness of the teeth.

Pathogens that cause tooth decay are dealt with by antimicrobial which oil of oregano has and which makes it a home remedy for tooth aches. Make it a habit to gaggle salty water because it helps minimize infection of the teeth and is a good reliever of toothaches.

What a relieve for drink lovers because by dabbing a cotton wool soaked with neat brandy will numb the pain. Numbing the pain with a shot of neat whisky is also recommended, though this can only be for those who enjoy drinking it.

Toothaches have a habit of knocking at the wrong time. Be armed at all times with home remedies for that fast relieve and peace of mind.The toothache home remedies mentioned above only help reduce the pain temporarily; they do not eliminate the cause of the pain. It is important for you to have a dentist check the affected tooth, identify the cause and then administer a proper treatment for toothache, in order to deal with the condition permanently.

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