Donating Kidneys In The US

Donating Kidneys In The US

A great number of men and women are suffering from kidney failure, health statics say, and they desperately need a healthy kidney in order to survive. In June 2013 alone, there are about 118,617 individuals in need of an organ with 96,645 of them waiting for a new kidney, according to information from the National Kidney Foundation in the United States. It illustrates that people in the US are also struggling with kidney-related problems. Health care professionals continue to encourage organ donations to help those who are waiting for a kidney and other organs.


The possible complications of donating a kidney have prevented most people from being a live donor. The necessary tests to be taken before donating may seem overwhelming for some. There will be a several tissue typing, blood and urine tests, gynecological exams, psychological evaluations and a full medical history may be done before a donor is deemed fit. The recipient is not the only one that will benefit from this rigorous physical exam. Ages of kidney doors may vary between 18 to 70 years old. Chronic conditions, however, may prevent other individuals from donating.


The pressing need for healthy kidneys is not abated as new cases of kidney failure are pouring in each year. Living donors from close family members are common but it is also possible for non-related individuals to donate. Kidneys that are not that healthy are even accepted by other patients because of the shortage in kidney donations. Kidneys from people who are 50 years old that have decreased function or form 60 years old are considered to as an expanded-donor kidney.


Those who would sign up for the expanded-donor list are still eligible for the standard donor. It ensures patients that they will still be able to get a new kidney. More patients are added in the list each year while others die while waiting for their chance. The health complications linked to dialysis treatments have made kidney transplant as the primary choice for most people. Patients may know more about the problems related to dialysis treatment at the GranuFlo Lawsuit Blog site.



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