Existing Conditions To Consider Before A Total Hip Replacement

Existing Conditions To Consider Before A Total Hip Replacement

Countless patients, medical experts say, referring to various clinical studies, have been given the opportunity to enjoy life once more after years of pain and discomfort after undergoing hip replacement surgeries. Although the quality of life of a hip recipient may be substantially improved, not just anyone can avail of a hip replacement operation. Before this life-changing surgical procedure may be endorsed by a doctor, certain conditions must first be satisfied.


Numerous factors must first be considered before this option may be availed. Factors such as the patient’s age, existing health condition, support of the family, and the commitment of the patients are just examples.


The surgeon would still have to assess the patient’s circumstances before agreeing to such an important course of action even if these factors are present. The following conditions, in most cases, must exist before a hip replacement surgery may proceed:


Pain and Stiffness


This is the type of pain and stiffness that cannot be relieved by ordinary medications or therapies. Because of this pain, which may be constant for at least six months, a sufferer may find it very difficult to do even the most basic routines like walking, sitting, eating, and even changing of clothes.


Failure of Treatment


Aside from narcotics, all other forms of applicable remedies have been tried and still no improvement has been noticed. Medications, devices, behavioral changes, injections have been tried by the patient without any effect even after enough time has been allowed for these remedies.


Bone Damage


A hip surgery may also be called for in instances where damage to the bones has become extensive that failure to address it would only worsen the condition. This type of damage may be adequately assessed by the doctor with the use modern imaging equipment.


Deformity or Disfigurement


The extent of the deformity that may have resulted from the chronic hip disorder must also be taken into consideration. The appearance of bowed legs and disfigurement of the overall posture are indications of this.


Risks Involved


In any surgical procedures, risks have always been acknowledged by healthcare providers and this extends to hip replacement surgeries. Complications from hip replacement surgeries have traditionally accounted for only five to ten percent. However, a substantial increase in this figure has been noted after the introduction of the very popular metal-on-metal hip implants.


Patients who have been seriously injured due to the very high failure rates of these metal implants have been compelled to file hip implant lawsuits against manufacturers such as Biomet. Legal experts have observed that litigation of these hip implant lawsuits has been moving quite well, including that of Biomet’s multidistrict litigation (MDL). In preparation for the eventual trials of pending hip implant lawsuits, new members were appointed to a very vital Biomet MDL committee, as announced by the court.







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