Learn About Health And Safety Myths From Watchdog Group

Learn About Health And Safety Myths From Watchdog Group

The watchdog group HSE recently released a publication detailing problems with health and safety myths. These different myths would found to not only be unprofessional, but prevent individuals from living comfortable, healthy lives. Due to this, the watchdog group decide to go out and let the public know exactly what was going on in hopes of preventing these issues from happening again. They proclaimed many of these blatant examples as poor calls of judgement and looked into how the different companies and firms could go about correcting the issues.

The different health and safety myths do vary, however the list includes some rather staggering issues with major companies, in which professionals actually refused to help anyone from a woman receiving a blanket on a plane to a restaurant not allowing a mother to heat up food for her child.

The HSE spokesman directly stated the campaign is designed to stop all of these problems, which often times go and hinder individuals from living healthy lives. This is why the HSE has been calling individuals since April who have stated they were on the direct receiving line of these ridiculous rules as they wanted to hear about what happened. From there, the HSE panel selected 10 of the submissions, ranging from problems with insurance companies, employers and local authors. The HSE stated they saw some rather blatant examples of individuals health and safety as a way to adjust the requirements of the law.

The HSE decided to publish the problems in order to shed light on these different companies in order to showcase the companies not properly performing their duties. This way, the companies would then go and correct the issues they had in order to better suit the individuals using the services provided by the company.

The HSE did publish a list of different safety and health myths last year, but this was all based off of press reports and not directly from someone who has experienced the situations and issues first hand. One of these incidents revolve around a women who said she was completely turned away from receiving a blanket while on a returning flight from Turkey.

One of the major issues the HSE saw was an individual flying back home from a trip to Turkey, only to be rebuked in regards of requesting a pillow. The individual was rather cold and requested a blanket from the flight attendant. However, the flight attendant went on to tell the individual this was not possible, as the flight was too short to hand out free blankets, but the woman could buy a blanket for five pounds, if she wanted.

The airline actually defended this statement as it is their policy to only hand out free blankets and pillows during longer flights, not short jaunts.

Another problem came up with a mother requested different restaurants to heat up food for her 14-month-old infant. However, the different restaurants went on to refuse this, telling the mother that the heating up process might end up burning the child’s mouth and they didn’t want any sort of responsibility in this kind of issue. However, the HSE, who looked into the problems, found this is not true at all and the restaurants should have heated up the food for the mother and her child. All of these issues are published in the recent findings of the HSE on different health and safety myths it found.

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