Nonoperative Pain Management Is Excellent With Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Nonoperative Pain Management Is Excellent With Manipulation Under Anesthesia

MUA, which is short for Manipulation under anesthesia, is a procedure that is being offered more and more for acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders including:

  • Back pain – failed back surgery, degenerative disc, sciatica, pelvic stiffness       
  • Neck pain – severe stiffness, arthritis, radiculopathy, degenerative disease   
  • Shoulder pain such as frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)   
  • Joint stiffness and/or pain  
  • Fibrous Scarring   

The Manipulation Under Anesthesia therapy is largely considered to be a safe procedure with satisfactory outcomes, but not completely risk free. Anesthesia is involved, and it is nonoperative. Licensed doctors perform the MUA’s who have specialized training. The treatments take place at an outpatient arizona pain management surgery center under intravenous sedation, which is not general anesthesia. A team approach with 2 doctors is utilized to break up scar tissue and fibrous adhesions. To ensure a satisfactory long term outcome, the MUA is performed over multiple sessions.

MUA has been performed for over 60 years with success in reducing muscle spasms, freeing up fibrous adhesions and scar tissue, and decreasing sensitivity from painful areas such as a degenerated or herniated intervertebral disc.

People with these conditions often qualify for MUA:

  • Fibromyalgia      
  • Chronic headaches      
  • Chronic back pain or neck pain of all varieties      
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)      
  • Degenerative Disk or Sciatica treatment       
  • Failed back surgery      

MUA is a very successful procedure. The medical or Arizona chiropractic doctor manipulates the joints and tissues with out resistance from the person and therefore obtains significantly more range of motion of tissues that otherwise would remain stiff. If the procedure were with the person awake, there would be prohibitive resistance to proper benefit. Also, performing the procedure over multiple days has shown better benefit.

The individual benefits from MUA with increased range of motion while being out for the procedure. A chief attribute of the manipulation under anesthesia is a short recovery time with small amounts of pain.

Numerous high profile athletes have undergone Manipulation Under Anesthesia with an MUA Doctor successfully, including the likes of 4 time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield and Baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter.

Mostly, though, it is done on regular individuals who are looking for a nonoperative pain relief option after failing conservative treatment.

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