One Man’s Quest To Find A Cure For Stuttering

One Man’s Quest To Find A Cure For Stuttering

I developed a stutter or as some people call it a stammer in childhood. I have spoken to my family regarding this and they have confirmed that I developed it when I was a young boy.

Despite regular speech therapy over the next fourteen years my stutter became worse. I remember quite clearly the fear of having to read out from a book in class. Walking into the classroom, for example an English lesson, I would see that there was a book on each desk. I would start to panic straight away believing the teacher would make me read a paragraph. Just waiting my turn, knowing that it would result in yet another one of those stuttering moments would be torture.

Socialising with friends was not exactly easy for me either. Most people look forward to their Friday or Saturday night outs with their mates. For me though this was not the case, I would be counting down the days as the week went on.

My worst area of speech was using the telephone. To say that the telephone was something I would avoid using would have been something of an understatement – luckily my father made the majority of the calls on my behalf. Some people may say that this was not exactly helping me in the long run. This may be correct and I was very grateful at the time.

After leaving school, I started to attend interviews to try to find employment including a very bad one at a business cost cutting company. I would normally stutter more when under pressure or when meeting new people and both of these situations are prevalent in an interview situation. I would normally arrive at the interview very tired after a lack of sleep through the stress of it all and I have to say found it very difficult to convince any employer to take me on.

As you can no doubt imagine I was eager to find a way of stopping stuttering and I did eventually attain fluency after purchasing a seventy minute self-help stuttering therapy DVD from the UK. I now live happy and successful life and as a career I now I work for a DVD authoring company.

This was my history of having a stutter and as you can see it was to have a happy ending – stuttering can be overcome with hard work and dedication.



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  1. 22 February 10, 2:46pm

    Stuttering is the worst. Honestly it far worse when you do it while hitting on someone. LoL.
    .-= How to Stop Anxiety´s last blog ..Really how could we not have anxiety? =-.

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