Over The Counter Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis For BV Infections

Over The Counter Treatments For Bacterial Vaginosis For BV Infections

Over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginosis or BV must be taken as prescribed for the length of time recommended. Stopping your medication when you feel better may prompt the infection to return. Follow the proper dosage and number of days you are supposed to take medication to prevent the BF infection from coming back. Practice better hygiene and take your medicines regularly.

You should also stick to one sexual partner because having multiple partners may spread the bacteria to other people. Having a diet with high sugar content is also another factor that increases the chances of getting the illness. If you have an infection, limit or eliminate your sugar in your diet. Cut down on the sweets and take your meds regularly to prevent a re-infection.

This infection is typically the result of an imbalance in bacterial growth in the vagina. Some symptoms include itching, pain, a distinct odor in the genital region and discharge from the vagina. The discharge is often colored white and accompanied by a fishy odor. Some women experience a burning sensation during urination. It is not unusual for some women to show no symptoms at all.

Bacterial vaginosis often infect women who are with child or are of child-bearing age. Girls who use IUDs also get infected more often. It is presumed than an imbalance of bacteria triggers the illness and when the good bacteria, the micro flora, are outnumbered by bad bacterium, then the infection often occurs.

This bad bacteria that causes BV is often found in the digestive tract. They may also be found in other parts of the body where there is mucus. The vagina and mouth may also be attacked by this bacterium. Pregnant women get BV infections too but it is important to receive treatment during pregnancy. Most over the counter medications for BV infections are safe to take during pregnancy.

It is not unusual for the infection to disappear by itself, but it is always safer to presume that it will not do that without treatment. Taking medication for a BV infection will always be better because serious cases can cause a woman to become infertile. If the infection leaves scars in the reproductive organs, it will be almost impossible to conceive.

Taking a lab examination can confirm if you indeed have the infection. If you have a confirmed case of BV, then you should seek treatment. Some medicines are prescribed by doctors while other forms of treatments can be purchased over the counter. Ingredients of non-prescription medicines usually consist of natural herbs.

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