Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

Procedures In Cosmetic Dentistry

It goes without saying that a healthy smile can give you a more youthful appearance, while a discoloured smile that is dingy or missing teeth can make you appear more aged.

Common cosmetic dentistry procedures can greatly enhance your youthful appearance and make a huge difference in your smile. Most procedures are routine and even surprisingly affordable. No matter what dental challenges you face, it’s likely that a cosmetic dentistry procedure can fix them easily.

Bleaching is by far the most common procedure used for teeth whitening, although many types are available. Bleaching can be done in the comfort of your own home with supplies that are provided by your dentist, or in the dentist’s office. Making a custom mouth tray in the dentist’s office is the first step. In order to get the best results, it is imperative that the mouth tray fit exactly to the contours of your mouth.

While you can purchase teeth bleaching kits in many stores, the trays that come with over-the-counter kits do not fit nearly as well as a custom mouth tray does so the results are less beneficial than the bleaching your dentist can provide. Once a custom tray is complete, you simply follow your dentist’s instructions. This kind of bleaching produces excellent results and is surprisingly affordable.

Veneers can be the answer to chipped, damaged, discoloured or crooked teeth. Both porcelain and composite types are available, and both can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Some veneers require more than one trip to the dentist. Since porcelain veneers are particularly thin, it is often possible to apply them without buffing or reducing the teeth prior to their application.

Applying the veneers typically begins with buffering the teeth or reducing them slightly in order for the veneers to fit properly. Then a mold of the tooth is made by the dentist which is used for shaping the veneer specifically to the tooth. A temporary veneer is usually given to the patient that is worn until the permanent veneers are complete. Once the permanent veneers are finished, they are applied using a chemical and adhesive applied to the surface of the teeth, followed by a light beam to harden the adhesive once the veneers are placed.

Aesthetic gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that is helpful for patients with uneven gums, or a large amount of gum tissue. If more gum is visible than teeth when smiling, it’s possible that this procedure might be a good fit for you. Deep gum pockets can often form due to poor dental hygiene, and this minimally invasive procedure can be the answer to that problem as well.

For an aesthetic gum contouring procedure, the patient is given a local anesthetic which allows them to be awake throughout the procedure. A laser is then used to reshape and trip the surrounding gum tissue around the teeth. Asking your dentist about cosmetic dental procedures is the first step to improving your smile and achieving a youthful, healthy appearance. These routine, minor procedures can get you on your way to the smile of your dreams.

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