The Significant Benefits Of Laparascopic Surgery

The Significant Benefits Of Laparascopic Surgery

Laparascopic surgery, also known as minimal invasive surgery, is an alternative method for traditional surgery, carrying out small incisions instead of large abdominal incision. The small incision in the patient’s belly button made by the surgeon serves as an entry of the camera called laparascope that is inserted into the abdominal cavity. Surgical scars are between 2mm to 10mm in length. Laparascopic surgery is commonly favored by surgeon due to its benefits over traditional surgery.

The following are the advantages of laparascopic surgery over open or conventional surgeries:

– Less discomfort may mean less cost in pain reliever medicines.

– Shorter hospitals stays and patients able to resume with their normal life.

– The patient has lower risk of hernia at the incision site because there is no restriction of activities.

– Lesser risk of developing infection because of its small-sized incisions – The patient’s potential for developing blood clots and pneumonia is slim.

– Blood transfusion is not necessarily required because of less blood loss.

– shortens recovery time

The method of laparascopic surgery is difficult from a surgical point of view, thus can take up more hours during surgery, although it has many benefits.

Nonetheless, there is one form of laparascopic surgery, known as the robotic-assisted surgery, that has been controversial. Death in patients have provoked health experts to investigate da Vinci surgical robot system, a known advanced medical machine in the United States, media reports say. Robotic surgery has been scrutinized by the Wall Street Journal on its benefits and disadvantages. Before undergoing a robotic surgery, FDA tells patients to  talk to their respective doctor in order to determine if da Vinci is the best surgical procedure for them.


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  1. 08 March 16, 10:48am

    I think the idea of laparascopic surgery is great if patients can have less pain, shorter hospital stays, and less risk of infection. I also find it fascinating that robots are able to assist in surgery now, even if it’s not quite perfect. Robots can be more precise if put in the hands of someone trained to use them properly, since they don’t have shaky hands like us humans do. I’m sure that, as technology progresses, robots will be used more in more in precise surgeries, and even minor surgeries like knee replacements, to help assist doctors when their hands aren’t steady or small enough for the task.

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