Things To Remember When Completing A Basement Area

Things To Remember When Completing A Basement Area

As Mark and Michelle thought about having their basement professionally finished they grew very excited about all the possibilities that were available to them. They had so many ideas to incorporate into their space and they were working closely with a contractor who would help them see it come to life. Mark and Michelle had the perfect basement set up, with a walk out to the backyard and ample square footage. In their house plan, initial construction had already equipped the basement with a bath rough in and their mechanicals were located in such a way so as to not intrude on any room they may choose to design. Mark and Michelle were planning on having an area uniquely designed for their home fitness equipment, complete with gym flooring as well as a wall of mirrors and a wall mounted television. They used their home exercise equipment each day and were really anticipating a great workout room. If you are considering having your basement professionally finished here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

• Think about your primary needs and interests when creating your space. Just as Mark and Michelle designed a specific work out space, consider what you love to do and build a space tailored just for that interest. Do you work out daily and find it difficult to designate the right space for your various machines? Are you so into scrap-booking that your supplies and layouts always seem to be in the way? Would it be great for the toys your kids love to have a play room all of their own? Would you love watching that football game in your own theater room?

• Think about adding a bathroom area to your additional space. Many homeowners will tell you that having an additional bath is an extremely convenient inclusion when finishing a basement area. No matter what spaces you are choosing to create, family and friends will benefit from a nearby bathroom.

• Work with your contractor to figure out room layout. For example, utilizing window light is great for an office but not a wise choice for a theater room. Creating a guest room could make good sense for the needs of your family but does it conform to safety guidelines? Maybe a design incorporating one very large room makes more sense than the creation of several smaller rooms. Working closely with a professional will help you make the best decisions.

• Determine all costs at the start of the project. Often, the construction costs involved in a finished basement area are just the beginning. It is wise to consider the interior design aspect of the project too. Things such as carpet, paint, window coverings, and new furniture can most certainly increase the bottom line.

• Keep in mind that completing a basement generally adds value to your house. The addition of usable square footage is typically a good investment, especially when considering resale values. Designing useful space for your current needs, while keeping in mind that someday a potential buyer will be evaluating your basement design is a wise thought process when finishing your space. Know that a finished basement can be a very smart decision in the long run, adding value and equity to your house.

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