Tools You Want To Maintain The Master Beard

Tools You Want To Maintain The Master Beard

To keep your facial hair looking good, either the beard or the moustache, you need the right gear. You want to groom and maintain your hair. If you neglect your facial piece then you'll be left with an over grown, stinky, tramp like abomination!

I do not believe you would like that, unless you try to scare the children on your street so here is the list of essentials.

1) Scissors

The primary chosen weapon to keep your moustache/beard in shape. Some people will only let professionals attend this task but for the DIY goers out there this is a great start. I'd say invest in a good, solid pair or scissors. Its false ecconomy to get a inexpensive pair because they will not last, very tough to get a fair cut and the the complicated styling some individuals want just wouldn't be possible with scissors from the pound shop!

You must aim to get a group of steel scissors owned by pros. The blades are longer and quite thin making it simple to get a good cut for any desired style. A decent pair of scissors will last and give you a close cut without leading to trouble or issues for your skin.

2) The brush

This has 2 main functions. The first is to keep your beard or tash groomed like your head hair you want to keep it brushed. Your not running a wild life refuge so keep it in order! You need to attempt to get a wide toothed brush for your beard and a fine toothed brush for the moustache.

The second main purpose is to aid in cutting. Comb you facial hair along and cut along the brush at the required length to get an even, smooth cut. Very helpful tool.

3) Brush

A thick wired brush is useful for men with the bushy, huge beards or tash. Its ideal to keep the bushy area’s well maintained and quite a fast satisfactory way to keep it in order. Not as essential as the scissors or brush but still quite useful especially if you use product like styling wax.

4) Clippers/trimmers

Scissors are vital but sadly they can only do so much. If you'd like to shape or style your beard then clippers are pretty useful. Most (if not all) clippers have an adaptable length guide so you are assured the specified length and with the choice to take away the guard you can get a close cut when required. The clippers also give the opportunity to cut borders for the you beard, an example being the beard strap.

The trimmers are essential if your aiming for a specific style but also required if in a rush. You can get a good, consistent cut in 1/2 the time making this a particularly helpful tool in your armory.

5) Beard Oil

This is the tool you use if you would like to keep your beard moisturised, clean and smelling wonderful! Not only will it keep you beard fresh however it will also prevent your skin underneith from getting dry which allows your skin to keep producing the facial hair we all love. Beard oil is a fine addition to your armory of tools

These are the fundamental tools wanted to keep your beard or tash maintained.

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