Top Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses Rotator Cuff Surgery

Top Orthopedic Surgeon Discusses Rotator Cuff Surgery

Being an orthopedic surgeon with in excess of three decades of expertise, I have helped thousands of local area residents beat shoulder aches through rotator cuff surgery. But what’s a rotator cuff and how do you know if surgery is your best choice?

Your rotator cuff is made up of several tendons and muscles in your shoulder. The task of these muscles and tendons is to connect your shoulder blade with your higher arm bone. They also are useful in keeping the ball of the higher arm bone securely in the shoulder socket.

There are a variety of rotator cuff ailments that include irritation and damage to the muscles and tendons. It is estimated that nearly half of people over 50 years of age have rotator cuff ripping to a certain degree, according to Emory Health care.

The Mayo Clinic sites many frequent causes of rotator cuff injury including falling, lifting, and repeated motions like tossing. Around half the time, these ailments will heal themselves with proper treatment like physical rehabilitation which is quite normal.

In situations where physical therapy doesn’t relieve the shoulder agony, treatment choices like steroid injections or rotator cuff surgery may be considered. In examples where patients have sustained excessive tears, the orthopedic surgeon might wish to remove bone spurs or calcium deposits.

Surgical alternatives include an ‘open repair ‘ in which the incision is 2.5 to four inches long or a ‘mini-open repair ‘ with a 1.25 to two inch incision. Arthroscopy is also a common approach for a rotator cuff injury. Rehabilitation from rotator cuff surgery is comparatively fast but it can depend on a variety of factors. The majority of my past patients were pleased with how soon they were able to return to their prior levels of activity.

So if you’re experiencing shoulder pain, contact your doctor today for a consultation to find out if rotator cuff surgery is the right choice for you.

Dr Ortho has been a practicing orthopedic surgeon for over thirty years. He often shares his experience on procedures like rotator cuff surgery via the internet.

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