Ways To Treat Your Flu

Ways To Treat Your Flu

Treating Flu Symptoms

In case you have flu, it will normally be possible for you to treat yourself successfully in your own home.  

Should this be the case, you must:


keep warm

stay well hydrated to prevent dehydration

If you feel sick and also have a fever, you may take paracetamol or anti-inflammatory medicines including ibuprofen to reduce your high temperature and relieve aches.

In case you are in a high-risk group and are more likely to suffer side effects from flu, your physician may prescribe antiviral treatment.

Antivirals will not heal flu, however they will:

reduce the period of time you’re sick by about 1 day

alleviate a few of the symptoms

lessen the possibility of critical complications

Antibiotics aren’t recommended for flu since they don’t have any impact on viruses. Even so, occasionally it may be important to handle complications of flu, mainly severe chest infections or pneumonia, with a course of antibiotics.

Antiviral medications

Antivirals function by ending the virus from spreading within your body. There are a couple of main types:  




Tamiflu is ingested orally in capsule or liquid form. You need to start taking Tamiflu within A couple of days of having the 1st the signs of flu.

The dose will likely be one tablet 2 times a day for five days. Nevertheless, for those who have kidney ailment, you may be recommended a lower dose.

Tamiflu may cause nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort and diarrhea. These side effects shouldn’t be serious, however visit your primary doctor in case you are worried.


Relenza is a dry powder that you inhale through an inhaler. As with Tamiflu, you have to start taking it within 48 hours of the first influenza symptom. The dosage is two inhalations twice a day for five days. It’s a safe treatment method that rarely has any side effects.

Antiviral medication can occasionally also be taken to prevent flu.  

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