What Are The Steps In Filing A Complaint

What Are The Steps In Filing A Complaint

A lawsuit is a claim or dispute between to parties that is brought a law court for settlement. Plaintiff is term for the party who is filing for complaint while the party that is being charged with lawsuit is the defender. A complaint is a formal statement of your dissatisfaction with an issue. When the plaintiff files a complaint, it is almost always put into writing.

In the case of Intuitive Surgical, which is the manufacturer of the controversial da Vinci surgical system. Lawsuits have been filed alleging the manufacturer for its negligence of notifying the public of their product’s potentially dangerous side effects. The design of the system may have been responsible for the problems, according to health professional. The problems may also have been because of surgeon performing robotic surgery but lacking in training.

If you are a patient who is injured during or after the robotic surgery, you are entitled to stand up for your right. The following are helpful direction on how to file a lawsuit and set you at the right path:


  • Know where to address your complaint – You are required to send your complaint to decision makers who will take the actions you want,
  • Know what form your complaint should take – There may be some specific process for plaintiff in filing a complaint for large companies. The plaintiff may be required to fill out specific forms and documentations.
  • Know what it is you want your complaint to accomplish – It will be effortless for a plaintiff to write a effective complaint letter if he knows well from the start of the things he want.

However, there are some patients who are still comfortable with robotic surgery despite issues. In fact, men choose robotic surgery to treat prostate conditions. The da Vinci lawsuit blog presents more substantial information for readers.



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