Why Do People Ignore the Signs of Depression?

Why Do People Ignore the Signs of Depression?

Today statistics claim that about one in four adult Americans has some form of depression or another.  However one in four adults do not see a doctor to treat the Signs of Depression .  Far too many ignore the symptoms and the signs and unfortunately in some cases this can lead to tragic consequences.  Why is it then that so many ignore even the most obvious signs of depression when help is just a doctor’s appointment away?  Let’s explore that issue to see if any of these reasons might explain why you personally might be ignoring the signs of depression and what you can do about them. 

Gender Stigma

Even in our modern, enlightened times men are still sometimes expected to be a particular way when it comes to emotions.  They are often told to “buck up” and that it’s just not very masculine to worry about your emotions and feelings.  This means that many men ignore the Symptoms of Depression because they’re afraid of what other men might think.  If they are having a hard time coping with feelings of sadness, guilt, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and fear, they are usually prone to just swallow these feelings and ignore them.  Unfortunately these signs of depression can become very severe and interfere with a man’s performance at work, his relationships at home, and with every other part of his life. 

Social Stigma

Men and women may assume that if they admit to any signs of depression then they will face social stigma from those around them.  This stigma might include anyone at work that comes into contact with their insurance information or friends and family that may hear about their treatment.People tend to think that depression is a weakness of the mind and its something that they personally can control and they also think that other people think that way as well.  They may have been raised in a home where signs of depression in others were mocked and ridiculed, or were told that psychiatrists were all “quacks” and that anyone that was depressed simply needed to snap out of it.

Afraid of Treatment

Some also ignore the signs of depression for the same reason they ignore the signs of other healthy problems – they’re afraid of what the doctor will tell them.As always, we seem to think that if we ignore problems they will just go away and so thats what we continue to tell ourselves.  They may also be afraid of how they need to treat the signs of depression, assuming that they’ll need to sit in a group therapy session and share embarrassing stories of their childhood.

Whatever the reasons, it’s never a good idea to ignore the signs of depression.  If left unchecked depression can lead to even more serious problems with one’s physical health and personal relationships.  Some have even lost their jobs because of the unchecked symptoms.The first and best thing to do is start to talk to your doctor right away if you see signs of depression.


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