Are You Tired Of Going And Going And Going? End Overactive Bladder Syndrome Now

Are You Tired Of Going And Going And Going?  End Overactive Bladder Syndrome Now

Does excessive urination make you feel like a certain bunny we all know and love?  You just keep going and going and going.If you’re tired of having to hit the bathroom every five minutes, and then leaking urine before you can make it there, take steps to end the problem.  There are many treatment options available today. 

Treating Urinary Frequency Without Drugs

There are several non-drug treatment methods you may want to try.  These treatments have been shown to be effective for many cases, and they have few, if any, side effects. 

Bladder training is a very common way to treat overactive bladder syndrome.Establishing new bathroom habits is the best way to retrain your bladder.Part of the process is to make a daily schedule for bathroom visits, and to stick with it as much as you can.  Instead of rushing to the bathroom when you feel the urge, you wait.  At first you wait a few minutes, and then you gradually work up to an hour in between potty breaks.  

Pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, help to strengthen the muscles around the urinary tract.  Many women are already familiar with these exercises, which are very easy to do.  All that’s needed is to tighten the muscles that control urination, hold them, and then relax.  You can start with three or four repetitions, and gradually increase them to three sets of ten repetitions.

A variation is to start urinating, and then stop and hold it.  Repeat this.It may feel like a losing battle at first, but keep at it, and the muscles will gain strength.This is a good way to increase the amount of control you have over the problem.

You may be surprised to learn that pumpkin seed extract is a natural remedy for urinary problems.  Pumpkin seeds have been used for centuries, both by Europeans and by Native American tribes, to treat urinary problems.  Today, pumpkin seed extract is becoming a well-known treatment for frequent urination. 

Another promising natural treatment is soy germ extract.Post-menopausal women may be helped by this remedy.  Many women develop urine control problems as their estrogen levels drop as they age.

When using any of these natural approaches, you may want to use products that will absorb any possible urine leakage.

Drug And Surgical Treatments

Certain drugs called anticholinergics block nerve signals from the urinary tract, which reduces the feeling that you have to go.They help prevent urine leakage and accidents by increasing the relaxation of bladder muscles. 

Some doctors recommend estrogen treatment for post-menopausal women to counteract estrogen deficiencies. 

Other treatments include capsaicin, which is derived from hot peppers, and Botox.  Capsaicin desensitizes those overactive nerves, while Botox may help to relax the muscles which contract at the wrong times.

If all else fails, surgery may be the last resort.Bladder augmentation is surgery to increase urinary capacity.  Another surgical option is to implant a pacemaker-like device that helps to control the muscles in the area.

Remember that you don’t have to keep going and going, like that bunny we mentioned above.  Just click on any link in this article to learn about a natural remedy for overactive bladder syndrome that can end your frustration with the problem.

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