Orthodontist In San Diego Ca Understanding How Braces Performs Making It An Ideal Preference For Most Orthodontists

Orthodontist In San Diego Ca Understanding How Braces Performs Making It An Ideal Preference For Most Orthodontists

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Nobody wants to have misaligned teeth as this can be a source of embarrassment. People with these types of problem will typically prefer to undergo orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist is a licensed dental professional who undergoes a special training in orthodontics and can perform any types of orthodontic services. Orthodontists are dental experts who are well equipped when it comes to treatment for bite and jaw problems. They have undergone two to three years of additional post-doctoral training to earn a specialty certificate in orthodontics. However, there are many general practitioners who also provide orthodontic services.

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The first step most orthodontists do is to determine whether braces are suitable for their patients. A visual test may be conducted as part of the initial consultation process. If braces are appropriate, a records appointment is set up where x-rays, molds, and impressions are made. This will guide them in analyzing and determining the cause and resolution for each dental issue encountered. Undergoing this procedure will usually take six months to two and a half years depending on the complexity of the problem. Before attaching the braces, an adhesive material will be applied to the teeth to keep the cement bond in the surface of the teeth. In many cases, teeth will be banded first before brackets are being applied. A bracket will be applied with dental cement, and then cured with light until hardened. This process usually takes a few seconds per tooth. Molar bands are helpful tools in ensuring that the brackets are being attached successfully. An archwire will be threaded between the brackets and affixed with elastic or metal ligatures. Archwires are bent, shaped, and tightened frequently to achieve the desired results.

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Braces are may be adjusted by orthodontists every three to six weeks. By doing this, the teeth is being guided to its proper position. As braces are adjusted, the metal ligatures are removed, still keeping the archwires in place. Removal of the archwire will follow in which it will be adjusted or replaced. The adjusting process may cause some discomfort, which is normal. And to keep the teeth in its right position, a retainer can be worn. Retainers helps maintain and keeps the teeth in stable position allowing the supporting structures to strengthen itself after the dental procedure.

When using braces, changes in the shape of the face, jaw and cheekbones may take place. That’s why it is important for patients to have a talk about this changes with their orthodontists before undergoing the procedure. It is important for those who believe that they are allergic to their braces to notify the orthodontist immediately. Plaque formation may also take place as foods are being retained in and around the braces. Observing proper oral hygiene is very important. When using braces, mouth sores may also develop. However, many oral rinses and dental wax are available to provide relief.

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