Seven Craziest Hair Routines

Seven Craziest Hair Routines

There are definitely many choices which you may avail of should you wish to make sure the best looking and healthiest hair possible. It isn’t a mystery that a majority of people these days, most notably women, are hoping to do all that’s probable just so they are able to look really impressive with an entire head of beautiful hair. With the bevy of products out there, and treatment options which are virtually applied by lots of people, you can surely encounter the ultimate method to improving your hair’s health. Of course, not every one of them are common, as is in the case of moroccan oil for hair, looked upon as the most beneficial. There are the ones, though, which can be very bizarre. Listed here are, in fact, the best and worst hair care therapies which are so out there that you just wouldn’t suspect they’re really put to use (totally nothing like Moroccan oil elixir for hair) .

a. Brazilian blowout – This is a common hair treatment, although it also proves to be really harmful. The fact is, this treatment employs formaldehyde as a component. It is a compound which is commonly used to keep intact those dead bodies in anatomy class. What’s even worse is the fact that it can also lead to cancer.

b. Hair relaxers – These aren’t very healthy either, although they have been around for much longer in comparison with Brazilian blowouts. When you use a hair relaxer, you could possibly wind up subjecting yourself to some potential chemical burns on your hairline and head.

c. Bull testicle broth – This is as peculiar as it gets, and LA Salon is known to employ this solution for its clients. It supposedly helps with styling your hair and adding nourishment to those damaged outer layers, at the same time enhancing growth. Yet, the mere idea that you use a broth from boiling bull testicles is already enough to weird anyone out.

d. Yeast – Beer yeast is pretty great at plumping up your hair shafts, and also the successful removal of leftover residue in your hair due to its acidic qualities. You can simply rinse it on your hair once you have shampooed.

e. Eggs – This really is quite effective as well for improving the luster and resilience of your hair. It is effective as a conditioner, specially when mixed with coconut and sesame oils.

f. Mayonnaise – Mayo consists of high fat content which could soften up your hair and restore any sort of deterioration it has been subject to, including breakage.

g. Yogurt – This consists of enzymes that are renowned for getting rid of buildup of residue, and can also hydrate your locks with the lactic acid evident in it.

These are generally a number of the craziest treatment options you’ll be able to avail of. Nevertheless, if you’re not up for any escapades in hair care, you could always buy Argan oil as a secure and beneficial choice.

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