Smooth CE-3.6 – Perfect Rear-Drive Elliptical Trainer

Smooth CE-3.6 – Perfect Rear-Drive Elliptical Trainer

Smooth CE 3.6 is really a great rear-drive elliptical trainer for all those who discover the Smooth CE 7.4 too long of a stride at 21″ The CE 3.6 offers an 18″ stride and is perfect for all those under 6-feet tall to get an excellent total body workout.

As you may count on from Smooth Fitness, you will find quality recommendations at play within this iteration of Smooth’s elliptical line. Smooth made sure that this elliptical machine (one of the most well-liked at Amazon at #34 all round currently for elliptical machines) delivered on the company name.

The Electromagnetic Braking System, big Flywheel and ergonomic, pivoting foot pedals ensured an ergonomic, smooth workout. For this price range (under $1500), there’s a lot of value packed into the Smooth CE 3.6 Elliptical. (See the features beneath for more specifics.) Thanks to having been in the market for a few years now, the CE 3.6 – an upgraded towards the 3.2 – has already enjoyed a number of awards and accolades, not least of all from the clients who enjoy this quality elliptical for years on finish.

First, it’s hard not to notice how appealing this elliptical trainer is. Much like the Smooth CE 7.4, one of the initial things to note is the fact that the machine is simply beautiful to appear at. This may not be ‘that large a deal’ to mention, but for a piece of home fitness equipment, great looks go a long way. Smooth Fitness made this elliptical eye candy. Besides the sleek style, welcome in most any house, the CE 3.6 is really a sizable machine. It can’t precisely be known as a compact machine (unlike the Schwinn 460 or Yowza Captiva – or any of the Yowza Fitness ellipticals for that matter), but it nonetheless manages to fit into most apartments and homes.

The footprint is 76? lengthy by 26? in width by 67? high (compared to a 66? lengthy by 33? by 66? high Yowza Fitness Captiva, for instance). Nonetheless, the machine feels extremely stable when you operate it, and is made of durable steel. While in motion, the Smooth CE 3.6 is sturdy, quiet and extremely smooth to operate. There is small left to become desired, even the adjustable fan functions well (although I still suggest and use a floor fan). From the blue-lit LCD console, it’s simple to see your progress and heart rate. You are able to also program various levels of intensity (as much as 16) into a custom workout if you wish.

Finally, this elliptical trainer is highly recommended. And if you want to read several other product reviews, you are welcome to visit our website!


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