Talking to Your Physician About Your Drinking Problems and Your Depression

Talking to Your Physician About Your Drinking Problems and Your Depression

Denny is a seventeen-year-old youth who has finally decided to go and see his healthcare practitioner about his unhealthy drinking. At first, Denny thought he would be able to merely go online, look for some fundamental alcohol info and make up his mind whether or not he was dependent on alcohol.

Not unexpectedly, he found many websites that itemized some of the typical alcoholism symptoms. That’s the positive news. The less positive news, sadly, was that Denny presented a number of these alcoholism symptoms.

Symptoms of Alcoholism: Some Illustrations

For instance, Denny has been drinking increasingly more than normal and he has started to have more fiery arguments with his girlfriend. In much the same way, for the first time in his young life he has been having sleeping issues. Similarly, Denny regularly has felt depressed and on an escalating basis he has been manifesting poor concentration at school. What is more, he has felt stressed out and more anxious on a daily basis and for the past three or four months he has shown evidence of cloudy thinking at school. Since Denny has been manifesting all of these symptoms, he was understandably uneasy about his excessive and unhealthy drinking.

So Denny eventually made up his mind that he needed to call his healthcare practitioner and make an appointment. To tell the truth, this was difficult for Denny because his physician was also his parents’ healthcare professional. The origin of his discomfort was this: at the risk of embarrassing his family, he had to go and expose his abusive drinking behavior to his doctor.

When Denny arrived at the healthcare professional’s office, he plainly informed the family physician about the fear he has about his irresponsible drinking behavior. When the healthcare professional asked what was prompting this consternation, Denny declared that he had gone online and read about dependency on alcohol and especially about alcoholism symptoms. He then listed all of the alcoholism symptoms that he obviously thought he possesses.

An In Depth Physical Assessment and Outpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation

The healthcare practitioner notified Denny that it was wise of him to concentrate on his drinking difficulties, he gave Denny a complete physical evaluation, and suggested that he talk to his Mom and Dad about signing into an out-patient alcohol rehabilitation center that was supervised by Doctor Rinkel, one of his doctor co-workers who is an alcohol abuse and substance abuse specialist.

In the same way, when Denny articulated that he has been feeling depressed to an increasing extent, the physician notified Denny that depression and alcoholism on a fairly routine basis happen in the same individual. Hence, the doctor also recommended that Denny talk to his parents about obtaining counseling to address his sense of despair. In fact, Denny can go to the local counseling center and make an appointment with Doctor Vedda, a distinguished counseling psychologist who specializes in treating youth.

The Merits of Facing Your Drinking Issues and Getting Encouraged About Making Healthy and Positive Changes in Your Life

The family doctor made it a point to tell Denny that he might not necessarily be alcohol dependent, but that he was clearly drinking in a hazardous manner. Stated another way, Denny was involving himself in teen alcohol abuse. The family physician then told Denny that the reason he suggested alcohol treatment in the first place was because he wanted him to come to terms with his drinking problems, make sure that he prevented them from proliferating, and start to live in a more healthy manner, even if it meant that he had to completely abstain from drinking.

In a word, by effectively treating his drinking problems, Denny would be able to get his drinking difficulties under control and stop the negative series of events that could doubtless lead to alcoholism.

Denny understandably did not look forward to facing his Mother and Father about his abusive drinking and his depression. And he undoubtedly did not want to face the thought of getting admitted into an alcohol rehabilitation facility. And lastly, he was not elated about going to a therapist about his excessive sadness. In the face of these trepidations, nonetheless, Denny as a matter of fact felt some emotional relief for the first time in quite a few months because at last he stopped making excuses for himself and at long last made up his mind to do something productive about his abusive and unhealthy drinking.

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