The Secret To Lasting Physical Change

The Secret To Lasting Physical Change

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ” | Socrates

One of the greatest most challenging journeys you may ever go on is seeing what your body is capable of. There might be a chance you are in shape, totally out of shape, or merely hoping to lose some weight. However, developing a body that you can be proud, one that is very healthy, and lets you really adore each last inch of it truly is a dazzling journey to undertake.

So what is the key to making a long-lasting change with your body?

Consistency and commitment.

There’s nothing else like coming to the table every single day and giving it your best shot. Your best effort must be yours and yours alone. Don’t start comparing your journey to other journeys or else you'll become deeply discouraged and discouraged. Instead, understand you are competing with yourself and yourself alone. Will there be times on your journey where you try and fail? Yes, many times. But every single time you do, you need to come back with a dedication to achieving something you strongly want. Consistency will keep you in the game and on the field every day. Without it, you may suffer the the inevitable fact of many new years resolutioners who give up every single year on developing the body of their dreams because they lack the power to keep on coming back time and again.

Commitment also suggests itself, but not the commitment that you're likely thinking of. In our world, we are fed this strong idea that everything must occur right now and if it doesn’t happen now, it is not worthwhile. Your body is going to drastically change throughout all the years, so why not make a lifelong commitment to keeping healthy? Is that a marketable and sellable idea? Not particularly. But is it something that would truly change the course of your life? Totally.

When you make a commitment to keeping your body healthy through your entire life, you'll eventually reach whatever goal you wish. It’s about seeing the bigger picture than merely the few months in front of you till summer. It’s about developing something you can be happy with for ever and ever. For me, that idea changed the course of my life as I was able to finally hit my health goals after 12 years of struggling with my self image and food issues. But as soon as I changed my view of what I was trying to achieve, everything I had wished for came to me. So try it on for size and see if it works for you. Make a lifelong and relentless commitment to staying healthy and watch how much your body will change in the short term too.

Bring some commitment and consistency to the table, in all sides of your life, and things will change significantly.

Evan Sanders is the author of The Words Of Encouragement, a website dedicated to bringing empowering and encouraging words to those who are in need of some motivation. Start your journey towards your best body with some more motivation for weight loss.

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