Tinnitus And Its Link With Hearing Loss

Tinnitus And Its Link With Hearing Loss

It is well known that that a link exists between tinnitus and hearing loss.  This link has caused the medical community some degree of difficulty, in that they have used the link to make some poor decisions when it comes to treatment. You must first look at the link to understand these decisions, and then explore the link and its ramifications.

A Look at the Link

In most cases, people that suffer from tinnitus also suffer from hearing loss.  This is because hearing loss is often caused by damage to the follicles inside the ear, and that same damage has been known to aggravate tinnitus.A link cannot be denied.

When hearing loss gets worse, tinnitus often gets worse.  At the same time, extremely bad tinnitus can actually make hearing loss seem worse as well.  That is because the phantom noises will actually become so overwhelming that the person will have a hard time hearing.

The medical community oftens mistakenly treats tinnitus just with hearing aids. The problem with this is a hearing aid is not going to cure tinnitus.The symptoms will be alleviated, but not cured.

Ignoring the Link

In other cases, doctors ignore the link altogether.   There have been many cases where a doctor did not realize a tinnitus sufferer also had hearing loss as well.  Because of this, the hearing loss goes untreated, and the person has to suffer with both hearing loss and tinnitus.

The reason behind this has to do with the frequency the hearing loss occurs at.  Many times, people with tinnitus have high a frequency hearing loss.  That frequency of hearing loss is not always detected, as there is some debate over whether high frequency hearing loss should constitute as hearing loss.

High frequency can actually limit your ability to interact in larger groups and make the tinnitus symptoms even worse for some people.

Treating Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Doctors that treat patients with hearing loss and tinnitus  with hearing aids partially fix the problem.  They do need to give their patients hearing aids, but they make a mistake when that is all they do.  A hearing aid is only part of the problem.This will not make the tinnitus go away, but it will help with hearing and reduce tinnitus symptoms.

Doctors need to examine the link and realize if someone has tinnitus, they need to be checked for hearing loss as well.  However, it is imperative that they treat both.  If they only treat the hearing loss, the sufferer will not get real relief.

The link between tinnitus and hearing loss is often misunderstood. Some doctors put too much emphasis on it, while other doctors do not put enough.  While it is important to examine the link, it is also important to treat both problems.  People need relief from hearing loss and tinnitus so they can be as comfortable as possible.  That is why it is necessary for doctors to not only treat the hearing loss, but to also treat the source of the tinnitus.

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