What Is Fibro Fog?

What Is Fibro Fog?

Fibromyalgia is an often devastating chronic pain syndrome. Symptoms are concentrated primarily on extensive, persistent pain situated in all 4 quadrants of the body and has a tendency to keep moving around. Pain also commonly is irregular. Other major Fibromyalgia symptoms consist of sleep disorders, severe fatigue, headaches, tender points, depressive disorders, heightened anxiety and stress. There are numerous other symptoms of Fibromyalgia and symptoms have a tendency to vary in extreme from person to person. There isn’t any identified cure for Fibromyalgia.

Fibro Fog is a term used to make reference to a characterizing issue related to Fibromyalgia. Fibro Fog is centered on significant and unexplained cognitive impairment. It is very important note that this is not a psychological disorder on it’s own in definition, but rather is a specific problem directly linked to the syndrome.

Fibromyalgia cognitive impairment can take the form of confusion and a basic lack of ability to hold and focus on a regular thought process. Organizational thought processes that are normal and taken without any consideration by most men and women can be next to impossible. There is a general lack of ability to pay attention to specific tasks at hand and the affected person can find it difficult to focus steady attention toward a single thought or task at hand. Memory is commonly also damaged with short term recall generally almost impossible. Fibro Fog has a tendency to come and go, often without explanation though it does usually get worse with overall Fibromyalgia flare ups and pain is definitely a major influencing element. The intensity or severity of this cognitive impairment also tends to differ, not only for each patient but from individual to individual.

Many Fibromyalgia symptoms typically function in a fashion described as negative feedback loops. The primary pain associated with Fibromyalgia can result in debilitating sleep problems that cause fatigue which leads to elevated stress and anxiety. The mix of fatigue, stress and anxiety function as a major catalyst for Fibro Fog. All of these linked indicators influence depression and together they function as negative factors which will intensify the pain. These symptom interactions are incredibly challenging and vary from patient to patient. It is also hypothesized that Fibromyalgia pain and the disordered pain signaling process inside the brain that has been shown with Fibromyalgia function together to confuse regular brain activity related to cognitive functions.

There are beneficial treatment options for Fibro Fog. Improving sleep is a primary treatment as it helps to reduce a primary causal factor. Sleep can often be improved through testing different sleep hygiene options to see which is most effective, utilizing medications such as Lunesta or by means of vitamin supplements like Melatonin.

There’s also research verified dietary supplements that can be helpful in enhancing mental function for example Ginko Biloba, 5-HTP, D-Ribose, SAMe and B Vitamins.

A variety of exercise options including a mental focus element have also been shown to be helpful in managing Fibro Fog such as Tai-Chi, QiGong and Yoga. Cognitive impairment can be improved with mental exercises such as puzzles or games and by way of cognitive training exercises.

Fibro Fog is just one of many Fibromyalgia Symptoms. Go here to learn more about Fibromyalgia and Effective Fibromyalgia Treatment.

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